Campus Improvement Plan

This Campus Improvement Plan was developed to meet the SAISD goals and focus on areas of student improvement for the next year and establish the steps to meet these goals. Currently the district TEA rating is “Met Standard”. Based on these findings, there are gaps in the scores among the various student populations at the campus. The plan includes addressing the issue so Fannin Elementary will meet the criteria to be within the top 10 of their peer groups in each subject area. Other items addressed in the plan include a comprehensive curriculum management plan for all students, a curriculum delivery program that is aligned with SAISD student expectations, and strategies to close the achievement gap for Bilingual/ESL students.

Goal 1: Student Engagement - SAISD will develop district and campus support structures that positively impact student engagement and outcomes for all students.
Goal 2: Culture & Communication - SAISD will cultivate trusting partnerships to support the hopes and dreams of our students and staff.
Goal 3: Innovative Learning Spaces - SAISD will provide efficient, safe, and innovative learning spaces that promote student achievement.